“Show Me How” Access Application Shell

Get the source code for a fully functional Access application shell with several popular security features that Access VBA application developers desire, but find difficult or impossible to figure out how to code.

Source code for managing:  Window Control (placement and sizing);  Conditional Compilation (32-bit and 64-bit OS compatibility);  User Authentication and Permissions Control;  Command/Scheduled Shutdown;  Enforcing the use of Runtime mode with full Access;  Sample switchboard screen;  Getting tables, queries, forms, and reports to work OUTSIDE of the MDI;  “Hiding” the Access MDI without having to make forms modal and able to keep the application icon visible in the task bar tray;  Preventing the user from switching forms and reports to Design View; and Internal “Packaging” and security module including setting Built-in Properties & Options and creating and setting custom properties & functions.